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Forwarding services

Air freight is the fastest and safest way of transporting your goods. It quickens the distribution, lowers costs, saves time and money.

Speed and flexibility expand your services and improve their quality.

10 reasons why to choose us

1. Transport by renowned companies

R-Cargo has several-year experience with transporting goods by the prestigious companies, such as:

  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Air France
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • and many others

2. Cargo pick-up at the shipper's address

You do not have to bother any more with transportation of your goods to us at the airport. We will make it easier for you. We will come for your goods ourselves.

3. Delivery to the consignee's address

Not even a consignee has to worry any more about arranging a transport of goods from the airport. We will provide the transport for you right to the consignee's address.

4. Counselling in transport

You do not have an idea how to transport your goods? We will advise you. We will find the most suitable way to transport your goods.

5. Representation in customs matters

Have neither interest nor willingness to stay in queues at customs office and lose your precious time? You do not have to any more, we will clear all customs matters for you.

6. Insuring goods during transport

Although we transport cargoes safely and reliably, you can double your insurance. We will insure your shipment.

7. Service 24 hours a day (upon agreement)

If each and every minute counts for you, we will provide a 24-hour service for you, upon agreement. With us, your satisfaction is in the first place.

8. Consignment packaging

Glass is packaged differently from iron. If we package your consignment, it will never arrive damaged.

9. Complete arrangement of live animals transport

Your pet needs a special service during the transport. Thanks to our rich experience with live animals transport, your pet will never notice travelling somewhere.

10. Reasonable prices

And for all that, prices more than good. You do not believe? Ask us.

Should you have interest in our services, make use of our online order for cargo transportation, or contact us.

You can find more information about R-Cargo, s.r.o. in Company Profile.

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