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Company History

R-Cargo was established in 1997. Since the very beginning, the quality of the services provided has been of paramount importance for us. We have been developing it further based on our previous experience with airline companies.

The Present

Our effort is crowned by a large range of our satisfied clients. From transporting simple parcels we have gradually moved on to much more complex ones.

  • Air freight of live animals, which now represents a large part of our air transport volume.
  • Air freight of human organs for transplantation.
  • Air freight of non-living material, especially various trade goods, personal items, or different companies' products.

The range of transported goods is continually expanding.

We cooperate with a lot of airline companies around the world.

In 2004 we became a member of Universal freight organisation. As a member we have gained access to more than 250 airports and ports in 70 countries all around the world.


Our effort so far has brought us, besides a number of satisfied customers, also an award for The best CSA agent in Slovakia in the "CARGO" category for the year 2000. That is also one of the things which motivates us to continuously improve our services to you.

You can find more information about our awards and certificates in references.

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