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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to transport small parcels and letters?

Yes, it is.

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Where can you transport air cargo to?

Air cargo can be transported everywhere. We will deliver air cargo to any destination with regular flight connections.

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Is it possible to cover the transported air cargo by insurance policy?

Yes, it is. The insurance rates depend on the declared value of the transported goods.

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Is it only possible to transport merchanise or is it possible to transport personal belongings too?

Air transport is also frequently used by civilians. Personal belongings represent a substantial part of it.

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Which documents do I need to send/ship a shipment/consignment?

To send/ship a shipment/consignment you will need an AIR WAYBILL which our company will issue. In the case of commercial goods, there are 3 necessary invoices or if they are non commercial goods, e.g. samples proforma invoices. We also need a Custom declaration which will be issued by a representative of our company. It is probable that you will need additional documents depending on the character of the shipment/consignment, its origin and its final destination.

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Who will pack the export shipment/consignment?

The shipment/consignment can be packed by the shipper/consigner or we can arrange/provide packing on request. The shipment/consignment must be packed with care according to the content and character of goods so that no damage of the goods or aircraft will occur be caused during transportation.

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Where and how can you make a reservation for your shipment/consignment?

You can make your reservation using the following telephone numbers: +421 55 6832247, 6832292, 7896771-73 or by emailing

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How do I know/find out my shipment/consignment was delivered to the correct airport?

All information about the movement and delivery of shipments/consignments will be provided automatically for each shipper/consigner. The shipper/consigner will receive booking information about the shipment/consignment and an air waybill which will be sent to him by us, too by fax or electronic mail in case of need, it is possible to contact us.

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Is it necessary to pay in advance?

Usually yes. It is also possible to send an unpaid shipment/consignment. However due to import/export rules/laws in some countries and with certain kinds of shipments/consignments, it is not possible. More specific information can be provided to you by calling us.

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What are working hourds of R-Cargo, ltd. company?

Working hours are between 7.30 - 15.30. After normal working hours, you can contact us on these mobile telephone numbers +421 905 651 925, +421 905 668 659 or +421 905 855 313. After an agreement is made with our clients, we can provide 24-hour service.

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Is it necessary to bring the shipment/consignment personally to the airport?

It is not necessary. In case you decide to use our services, we can normally provide pick up of your shipment/consignment at the location and time which is most suitable time for you.

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Do the senders have to get customs clearance for their consignment at an interior costoms office?

It is possible, of course, if it makes things easier for them. Otherwise, our company can represent the sender during customs proceedings on their behalf.

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Do you ship exclusively on regular airlines?

Goods are transported on regular airlines as well as on special airlines - "charter flights". In cooperation with renowned operators abroad, we will provide you with the most optimal solution to shipping your goods. It means that we will offer an aircraft with the most suitable load capacity (from a few hundred kilos to several tons) and flight range, available at the airport you request.

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